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About Founder Donna Drumm, Esq.

Donna Drumm, Esq. ADAAA Certified Advocate

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ADAAA Certified Advocate.

Trained by one of the top lawyers in the United States, Donna Drumm, Esq. combined her business degree with her law degree to build a firm that focuses on solutions, thoroughness and efficiency.

Her Americans with Disabilities advocacy began when she met a woman who suffered from PTSD who could not find anyone to represent her. She was sued for over one million dollars for the wrongdoings of her ex-husband. This very bright woman struggled with her PTSD while coping with the starts and stops of her case. After years of fighting an administrative commission and superior court, she won and her good name is restored. She went on to create a bill that became law which will protect other spouses in her state.  IT CAN BE DONE!!  

Respected by lawyers and the judiciary, Donna was trained by the top ADA educator and author, Dr. Karin Huffer who linked the power of the ADA to seeking accommodations for persons with disabilities to make the courtroom a level playing field.

“I've always wanted to be in a courtroom. What I found is that clients, people who are not accustomed to being in the courtroom are intimidated by the 'system'. Courtrooms are unfamiliar territory, as a hospital is unfamiliar for people who don't work in hospitals. The stakes are high and the outcome is uncertain.Invisible disability advocates protect people who have invisible disabilities or who become invisibly disabled during the litigation process. The reality of being involved in litigation often create invisible disabilities that handicap people’s ability to participate in the preparation of their case and testify as witnesses. The Americans with Disabilities Act is the bridge that levels the playing field.” - Donna Drumm, Esq.

For Donna Drumm's full resume please click here. Donna Drumm, Esq. - ADAAA Certified Advocate.


Integrity is Everything

I make promises seriously. During your representation, your communications will be responded to in a timely manner, you will be treated with respect and your case will be reviewed thoroughly. It's the only way I know how to do business.

Client Centered

I respect my clients and value their input and participation. 

Unbundled Services

My approach is different than a traditional lawyer’s. I step in when your invisible disability needs to be accommodated in order to create a level playing field within the court room environment. I will help you define your relevant disabilities and work within the legal system to protect your rights. I then step back and your regular lawyer continues your case.

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