Are you a...

Plaintiff or Defendant in a current case and you are finding you are having difficult time coping with the process?

Unable to concentrate on important papers?

Concerned about your effective communication in court?

Preoccupied to the point of being 'frozen' when you think of your case? 

What DrummAdvocacy can do for you

You may have a disability that interferes with your ability to effectively communicate or attend your courtroom hearings or meetings with your lawyer. 

Identify - DrummAdvocacy can help you to identify through a licensed medical professional if you have an invisible disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Advocate - A certified ADA Advocate can work with the court personnel to design an accommodations plan that will ease your symptoms so you can concentrate on this important phase in your life and risk further injury to your well-being.

Case Management Support - Documents and mail. An ADA Advocate can assist you with organizing your documents for the case. 

Timelines - An ADA Advocate can help you with calendaring important court due dates and work on timelines to support on time delivery. 

At your Side in the Courtroom —- With or without an attorney an ADA Advocate can go to court with you and assist with organizing documents,  and accessingnotes to keep you on your toes in court.

Family Members

Family members are confronted with supporting their loved ones who are facing divorce, hospital stays, incarceration and special needs in colleges.  Help your family member with a disability by learning about how an Americans with Disabilities Advocate can help. 


The breakup of a marriage and its litigation can cause mental anguish.  If you or a loved one are suffering and have become 'frozen' in your ability to cope with the litigation, an ADA advocate can help in a confidential manner to arrange for accommodations for persons with disabilities in the courtroom. 

Hospital Stays 

When your loved one is in the hospital, assure they are getting the care they are entitled to.  A person with disabilities needs an advocate to speak for them. Let DrummAdvocacy help you communicate with hospital officials. 


When a loved one is in jail, their mental and physical disabilities can be accommodated under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Contact DrummAdvocacy to find out how to communicate with Department of Corrections officials and advocate for their disability rights and care. 


I don't have an attorney, can an ADA Advocate help me?

Yes! If you do not have an attorney, you are representing yourself as pro se. As your own attorney, your focus is understanding the procedures, making the arguments and dealing with the opposing lawyer with your primary case. The stress of litigation is high for attorneys and higher for those not used to the process. Depending on your disability, the stress can trigger your disability interfering with your productivity in managing your case.

I already have an attorney, can an ADA Advocate help me? 

Yes! If you have an attorney, they may not be aware of the ADA. Since the amendments to the ADA were put into law in 2010, this is not surprising and does not mean your lawyer should know. DrummAdvocacy respects the role of your attorney to manage your case, write the briefs, and provide their experience in the primary area of your case – for example your divorce. Your DrummAdvocacy ADA Advocate can respectfully educate your attorney on yourADA rights and take the lead role in protecting your accommodations.

I am concerned about my finances, do I need to pay extra for an ADA Advocate? 

Certified ADA Advocates charge for 'unbundled services'. They charge for their time that brings value to your case by increasing your performance.  Whereas lawyers charge for their time throughout the length of your case, your ADA Advocates charges only for the portion of your case that concerns protecting your disability rights.  

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